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Kitchen Garden Consultation

Do you envision serving yourself or your family dinners where most of the ingredients come from the ease of your backyard? Where you can walk amongst meandering paths and beds filled with beautiful flowers, veggies, greens, and herbs ready to grace your plate?

Then I’m here to help! From creating ‘natural-looking' garden beds to traditional French/English potagers, or uniquely created raised bed patterns (like a mandala style, or spirals), I can help you design a space that will be both functional and beautiful!

  • What to Expect

    - A questionnaire sent to you before the consultation- A visit to your home to measure the proposed space and check the soil. We can do a video chat as well if you live too far or you feel uncomfortable meeting in person

    - A rough sketch of possible landscaping (or interior garden or patio design) ideas- A list of possible plants/herbs/trees you could grow

    - A recommendation of good, quality nurseries near you that you can purchase from

    - A person who will have your best interest at heart and will listen carefully to your dreams and help them come true

  • My Service Includes

    - A to scale drawing of the official/final proposed plan (if you want it)
    - An in depth list of plants you can grow and how to improve your soil (if needed)

    - Access to me any time for questions via e-mail or messenger, even after the project is complete

    - Help with going to nurseries to pick plants (if wanted or needed)

    - Help with planting the plants

    - Help with overseeing the construction of the proposed plan

    - If doing an apartment or condo and I’m close enough, I will/can help with potting, arranging, and styling your garden space

    - A twice a year check up (spring and fall) on your plants whether in person or via phone/video

    Please note I do not have a construction crew, nor am I landscape or hardscape architect.