Permaculture Resources

Welcome to your permaculture resources!

Here you'll find an ever growing list of links to videos, websites, and blogs dedicated to teaching how to live a more sustainable, productive, and healthier life! They're sub categorized for ease of use and if you yourself have a website, blog, or youtube channel dedicated to permaculture and green initiatives, please don't hesitate to contact me so I can add you to the list! 


Work smarter, not harder! These wonderful gardeners will teach you how to make and design your own permaculture garden that will be bountiful without your input once it's established. From soil, water scaping, landscaping, water capturing, and fruit tree guilds, these links will help set you up for success no matter if you live in the suburbs, the city, or the countryside!


Sometimes it's easy to think our 'small' actions won't make a difference. These documentaries (some very short, some on the longer side) showcase the power of permaculture gardens and how they're actively fighting climate change and improving people's lives and their environment (even in sever places like the Sahara Desert!)--and how you can do the same in even your own yard!


Cob buildings and homes are still standing even after a thousand years and are still being built and lived in today all over the world! While not suitable for every situation, cob homes are great for lots of climates and locations! Learn how to build homes, cob ovens, walls, and more!

Cob Research Institute 

California Cob (a builder with over 16 years of experience. Does consulting and workshops)

Cob Cottage Company  (A wonderful resource that shows the most recent workshops you can join, and more!)

Cob Building Basics (An article from Mother Earth News on a woman's experience building a cob house)


Used for centuries in England and other parts of the world, strawbale building is officially part of normal building codes for all of America! Learn how to make a superiorly insulated, earthquake proof and fire resistant home! 

California Straw Building Association (A wonderful place to start!) (the next place you should look at! Great resources as well!)

Rise (Article on Straw bale building & different ways to do it)

California Straw Bale Building Codes (Official government site with most update codes on straw bale construction and permits)


Based out of Hisperia, California, super adobe are round homes that are made of bags filled with earth and covered in cob. Earthquake and fire proof, this low tech but ingenious building method is as beautiful as it is versatile!


Earthbag Building

The Constructor

IOP Conference Series  (A science reivew paper, in depth, really well done)

One Community (DIY Open Source Resources, non profit community)

My Domaine (article on specific dome homes & interior images)


Think your super expensive air conditioning unit and heater has to run on electricity (which causes SO much pollution and exacerbates global warming the more we use it)? It doesn't! The earth a mere 4-8 feet deep stays at a constant temperature of  42-55 depending where you live. Learn how to build this system yourself or hire a company (I've researched and vetted the ones shown). The links below range from government agencies, companies for hire, DIY-ers, and all the in betweens!

Department of Energy

Build My Own Cabin

True Green Geothermal Inc.