Meet The Artists

No one does anything alone, least of all me! And actually, particularly me! 

It takes a magical team to pull something like this off, especially because I don't have the artist talent to do something as intense as design hand drawn labels or code websites into existence. 

I am so pleased and honored to introduce you to the artists who make this webpage and all of the labels and artwork! Without these hard working, giving, talented ladies full of wit and wisdom I wouldn't have my business (or my sanity).

I'm hopeful I'll get to add more amazing artists to this list someday, but for now I'm lucky enough to get to highlight two very amazing women.

Rebecca Holland

Creative Director & Graphic Artist. I was thrilled to lend my expertise, skills, and experience to the creation of Three Moons Cottage.

Caroline Leideritz

I am a graduate of Laguna College of Art + Design and am a freelance illustrator. I mostly work in pen and ink but I do dabble in watercolor and some digital illustration. Spirituality is something close to my heart, so working with nature and having natural health and beauty products is something I'm passionate about and can be seen in my art.