You know that weird kid in class who wore glasses and read books all the time, saved bees that were drowning in pools, and lived part time in a tipi on top of a mountain with no running water or electricity? 

Yeah that was me.

About Me

I was born in Southern California in a tucked away canyon community at the foot of a mountain that lovingly watched me grow up climbing oak trees, studying nature as I pushed through sage brush (probably filled with rattlesnakes), and talking to anyone or anything who remotely looked human like. I, uh, still do that to this day.

I’ve lived in and loved nature my entire life and have always enjoyed observing the natural world around me in all its beautiful and often brutal, reality. It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I began feeling the pull not just to be in nature, but to use it for healing. I’ve self-studied herbs since I was teen, gardened nearly my whole life in some capacity, and always found comfort in making things myself from food, to clothes, to art.

However all of this knowledge I’ve gained is absolutely useless if I don’t share it. I’m always learning of course, but the knowledge I do and will have, I intend to share. Because knowledge is power. And in an age where we’re made to feel like we’re powerless (hint, we’re not), I’m hoping to impower you to improve your life, your community, and nature. Because we’re all in this together.

I’m also human and have a ton of interests aside from knitting, reading, cooking, and gardening! I also love movies, binge watching tv shows, reading manga, learning languages, vintage shopping, going on nature walks, traveling, camping, and making friends with anyone!  I’m also an author in multiple genres, as writing is essentially the love of my life (okay, and gardening).

I’m currently enrolled in the Herbal Academy to sharpen my herbalist skills and am taking courses on building strawbale homes and making adobe bricks and earthen plasters! I intend to use what I learn in these workshops when doing my garden consulting so that I can offer people an alternative building method that's better for their health and the health of the environment.

My goal in life is buy land and build my dream strawbale-cob home alongside a permaculture garden/food forest, preferably near a big town so I don’t die of loneliness. I’m NOT a solitary introvert in any way, shape, or form. In fact if you look up ‘extreme extrovert’ you’re guaranteed to find an image of me!