• Included in the hour long consultations:

    - A questionnaire sent to you before the consultation

    - A visit to your home to measure the proposed space and check the soil. We can do a video chat as well if you live too far or you feel uncomfortable meeting in person

    - A rough sketch of possible landscaping (or interior garden or patio design) ideas- A list of possible plants/herbs/trees you could grow

    - A recommendation of good, quality nurseries near you that you can purchase from- A person who will have your best interest at heart and will listen carefully to your dreams and help them come true

  • Transparency

    I believe in transparency and I’ve noticed over the years that gardening consultants often don’t share their hourly price on their websites. But not here! If you feel we’re a good fit and you like the initial sketches/ideas we’ve talked about and want to hire me to fully design and implement your dream, my price is $30.00 an hour.

  • My Service Includes:

     - A to scale drawing of the official/final proposed plan (if you want it)
    - An in depth list of plants you can grow and how to improve your soil (if needed)

     - Access to me any time for questions via e-mail or messenger, even after the project is complete

    - Help with going to nurseries to pick plants (if wanted or needed)

    - Help with planting the plants

    - Help with overseeing the construction of the proposed plan

    - If doing an apartment or condo and I’m close enough, I will/can help with potting, arranging, and styling your garden space- A twice a year check up (spring and fall) on your plants whether in person or via phone/video

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